Teen’s word of warning: Adderall changed me!

Adderall has been widely used by many college students and school kids to improvise their academic performances. Many had found this drug as life-changing one. But there are people who have got hit very badly after using Adderall. We might come across a lot more school going kids taking pills for memory power or for concentration in studies to score well in the exams. And many college students also take this medicine to boost their energy as this drug would change the person’s behaviors and activities.

A 17-year-old teen of Nebraska has faced severe complication after this drug entry into his life. He was a normal kid but with poor academic records. Though he was not properly prescribed by any physicians, the urge to improve his marks in exams made him know about this drug through one of his friends somehow.

At the initial stage, he seemed to start using Adderall to increase his concentration power while studying during the exam times. Since this med worked really well, he was praised for his good performance in the recent exams by their teachers. He continues to take this pill daily to stabilize his concentration over the study. But after few months, when he ran off the Adderall stock, he found himself could not able to behave as a normal person throughout the day.

Then he managed to get those pills from his friend who recommended Adderall to him before. The very next day he was hit by the seizure attack and got admitted to the hospital immediately. The doctor who diagnosed him told their parents that they have found the traces of amphetamine in the large amount and reported that their son got addicted to Adderall. 

After this incident he was expelled from the school this made him realize how this medication influences him and changed his life upside down. Later he was advised to undergo treatment to get out Adderall Addiction. As a teen, he discontinued his study and joined in rehabilitation center due as he misused this drug.

This is one such story that teenage guys opened up his experiences and at the same time given a big warning sign for similar kind of kids who all has the same urge to improve their academic performance by going after the drugs.

From the report of monitoring the Future study, Adderall has been rated as the most abusive drug by the teenage people worldwide. The good knowledge of precautions and proper way of using the prescribed Adderall would help these kinds of kids from falling into addiction. The best way to avoid these incidents it’s the parents and teachers responsibility to make their kids know about the abusive nature of drugs especially prescription drugs.


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