Side effects of Provigil when treating ADHD people: Study shows.

In December 1998, Provigil drug was launched into the medical pharmacy to treat the Narcolepsy, sleep disorder and symptoms of ADHD. Till 2007, FDA, the US Drug Administration agency has the record of the adverse side effects associated with the active component used in this pill. Several cases have been identifying but not reported to the public the recent study shows.

Many adverse effects of Provigil have been underreported in the clinical study for getting the drug approved for treating ADHD.

The researchers have disclosed that many users are affected by the side effects of Provigil. Several years before, FDA has given an alert to the Provigil users about the abusive nature of this medication.

The study shows that users have identified with drug dependence and addiction. It could also be prescribed for kids with ADHD, in this case, the kids have been taking Provigil for so long time, when the time comes to stop the medication, the dependency towards the drug would not allow them to behave normally.

Provigil also works by making the person awake during the daytime. Once the user experienced the positive effects, he/she would continuously take this medication. As this pill triggers the sleeping cycle, the brain gets used to the chemical combination used in this drug to become relaxed and stops the sleep. This would make a person depend on the medication all time.

Research also shows that taking this medication would increase the histamine levels. With high dose, it would risk the life. The clinical trials have shown that taking 120 mg per day for more than a week would result in insomnia, confusion, irritability, anxiety, disturbance in REM cycle, inappropriate behavior.

“Provigil had hit 7-year-old kid very hard. She was diagnosed with ADHD problem during her early stage. Her pediatrician prescribed this medication and advised her to take only the initial dose. Everything was good until she was suffering from frequent fever. Later she started to feel the pain in legs and hands. Then it was identified that kid had been affected by the side effects of the med.” Though this medication has done its purpose, it also leads some other health problem. Side effects are due to several factors, in her case, as she is so young, she could not tolerate the power of the medication.

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