Should I stop taking Adderall? What to know about the Adderall withdrawal symptoms?

We all know that Adderall is the popular drug prescribed to treat ADHD, narcolepsy. Taking Adderall pill for a long time but feel like that drug has not worked like as it has done it before. Is that mean you need to stop Adderall medication? Or under what condition can I stop taking it? Here cannot give you the straight answer. A lot of factors that doctor would consider before suggesting you with quitting Adderall timeline. Sometimes you may feel signs for withdrawal symptoms. Below are the things you should keep in mind while thinking about stopping this pill.

Any traces of side effects such as dizziness, hallucination, increased heartbeat rate after the consumption of this pills though you have taken it as it was prescribed by your healthcare professionals, it is the time to think about the quitting the drug. But you cannot jump into this process just like that, as stopping it on your own would result in risk. Try to know about the Adderall withdrawal symptoms before doing it. The best word of thought would be listening to your doc advice in this case.

Here the irony is that withdrawal symptoms of this drug are exactly opposite to the effects of this drug. For those who are not aware of what is an Adderall withdrawal symptom before? Let us just look into that first.

The consistency use of high dosage of Adderall would make the user become physically independent of the drug. If they stopped taking this pill suddenly, they would face dangerous effects like suicidal thoughts. It is simply that they could not function normally without the help of this drug.

An Adderall addicted women have shared how she was after withdrawal from this drug.

“I was on the top of the world while taking Adderall. I used to think really quickly and I could not believe the thinking speed of my brain. So, it was good after this pill. I stopped taking as I became normal like everybody around me. After some days, I have started to realize that my brain responding very slowly sometimes I feel like it got frozen. It freaked me a lot when I came to know this is the withdrawal symptom. Then I consulted my family doctor to overcome this problem……” – Bethany Miller.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms are:

A headache,

Disturbed sleep,

Loss of concentration,



Thinking about harming themselves.

Duration of Adderall withdrawal:

Below is the Adderall withdrawal timeline for reference.

6 – 36 hours after the previous dose: Fatigue and intense depression are the symptoms one might have gone through during the first few hours after the recent dose.

3-5 days: During the first week, the irritability and depression may get intensified.

5-7 days: In the weekend days, those feelings would lose its intensity. But few people would have a mild psychological problem.

3-4 weeks: After few weeks, many people would be alright. Those who have been taking Adderall for many years would find this duration as hard one to take.







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