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A & E Last Updated: Oct 18th, 2006 - 16:00:31

Fluids Abound in ‘Jackass’ Sequel
By Zach Siron
Oct 18, 2006, 15:59

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The crew from MTV’s “Jackass” is back, meaner, dirtier, and crazier than ever. Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius star in this collection of outlandish skits and death defying stunts.
Animals figure prominently in the film. The opening scene of the movie, which features Pontius tempting a snake with his manhood, is just one of a dozen animal related stunts.
The genius of the “Jackass” films and television show are their simplicity. In previous ventures, there have been no signs of Hollywood rubbing off. The shows were nothing more than cobbled together daredevil stunts. But as the team’s popularity grew, they branched off into different arenas. Knoxville is a movie star now, acting in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Ringer.” Margera, Steve-O, and Pontius have their own shows on MTV. They don’t exactly need to keep putting themselves in harm’s way in order to gain notoriety or money.
So when they reconvened for the making of the big screen sequel, many in their fan base wondered how far they would go with the stunts. Fueled by Knoxville, their fearless leader, the boys take their self-punishment to untested waters.
The only faults in the film are the opening and ending credits scenes. Both have a slick, big budget feel that does not jive with the rest of the film at all. There is a huge difference between the stunt work that the “Jackass” guys made famous and the stunt work done on a Hollywood set. In the opening and closing scenes they unsuccessfully attempt to blur that line.
“Jackass: Number 2” is this year’s last great disposable summer movie. The camaraderie of the group keeps the movie shining even through the most disturbing scenes. If you enjoy watching grown men drink horse semen, give each other beer enemas, and play tag with a bull, then this is the perfect film for you.

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