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Features Last Updated: Oct 18th, 2006 - 15:37:43

First day jitters
By Grant Gifford
Oct 18, 2006, 15:36

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On the first day of school, some students muscled their way up to the fourth floor through insanely humid staircases. Many crammed themselves into elevator number three, because number four was out of order. Lines stretched from the advisors’ office through the cafeteria, while countless students were lost in a nervous frenzy, trying to find their class.
By the end of the day, some of us might be starting to question this whole “college” thing.
“A lot of the students are worried about long-term stuff,” advisor Robert Adesso said, “what they really should be focusing on is just going to class. Most problems have to do with funding and being able to receive financial aid.”
Classroom changes and parking were among some of the reasons students at Seattle Central had a hard time on the first day of school. Adesso said that most of the concerns from students had to do with finances.
He also mentioned that some students thought they were registered, but once they showed up to class they had been dropped because they had missed the payment deadline.
Adesso also found that students who were entering Seattle Central fresh out of high school were a bit surprised. “A lot of students get here and expect us to hold their hand,” he said.
While the transition from high school to college is no doubt stressful, adapting to a new country as well as a new school can make that transition extreme.
Derek Yan, office assistant for the International education program, said that many of the international students had a number of problems on the first day of school.
“Depending on their level of English proficiency, some of them have a hard time understanding the teacher,” Yan said. With over 30 countries being represented by international students, first day problems included adjusting to time changes and being able to communicate.
With the first day of the Fall 2006 quarter behind us, these problems should be lighter next quarter.

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