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Sports Last Updated: Dec 6th, 2005 - 11:32:27

Hawks Look Poised for End of the Year Run
By Jon Brooks
Nov 18, 2005, 09:28

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The Seattle Seahawks have indicated time and again that they are not the same team of previous years that lost big games and fizzled out at the end of the season. At Qwest field on a rainy and blustery afternoon, the Hawks beat division rivals the St. Louis Rams, and improved to 7-2, proving that they can win the big games. With Quarterback Marc Bulger back in the lineup that Hawks were prepared for what could some up to the biggest game of the regular season. It was expected to be a heavily contested match only to turn into a 31-15 romping of the Rams who are looking more and more like they won’t make the playoffs.
Shaun Alexander ran for 165 yards at five yards a carry and added three touchdowns to his impressive day. Matt Hasselback was not stellar but did not need to be as the defense constantly stymied the Rams offensive attack. With injuries all over the defense and secondary leader Ken Hamlin out of the lineup for the rest of the year, the Hawks have had contributors come on each side of the ball. The receiving core is banged up as well but a lack of depth at is not a problem. The contributions of Joe Jurevicous, has helped lead the Hawks to the top ten in almost every offensive category.
The Hawks now face their biggest challenges yet. They sit atop the NFC at 7-2 and really should be 8-1 barring Josh Brown not missing the last second field goal in Washington D.C. They have two games against a more than sub par San Francisco Forty Niners and most importantly one at home against the N.Y. Giants and a Monday night match up with the McNabb-less Eagles. As the Hawks roll into December they only real hurdle on the way to winning the NFC outright is Indianapolis on Christmas Eve. But Manning and company have proved in recent years the bigger the game, the less the production, and the Hawks look to keep that theme going.
Hasselback and the rest of the team agree that this year is a different unit than years before. Gone are the naysayers, the contract hounds (Alexander rarely mentions money even though he is atop the NFL in yards rushing and on pace for 2,000), and players who personal goals are of more importance than the teams welfare. With 7 games left in an already impressive season the Hawks show no signs of slowing down on their quest for a cold day in Detroit on February 5.

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