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Sports Last Updated: Nov 15th, 2005 - 10:10:28

Hawks Finally Take a Big Game
By Jon Brooks
Oct 26, 2005, 23:13

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Last minute win over Cowboys a momentum builder

There is a place where the Seattle Seahawks have been in recent years and it does not include sitting atop their division and winning big games. Last season, the Hawks rode into a Monday night showdown with the Dallas Cowboys with all the confidence in the world and left with their hearts on the field. Last Sunday’s showdown at Qwest field could prove to be one of the biggest wins in recent Seahawks history.
In front of a sold out crowd and 150 extra standing room only tickets purchased, the Seattle Seahawks pulled out a big game defensive nail biter against the Cowboys. The Hawks, one of the leagues best offensive teams sputtered the whole entire game with less than one hundred rushing yards and only three points at the onset of the two minute warning at the end of the game. Down 10-3 with 1:45 left, the Hawks did something completely uncharacteristic of themselves. They marched downfield and scored a tying touchdown. After two goal lines stands which produced only 3 points for the Cowboys, the Seahawks looked like a team possessed on their final drive. It took one stroke of something that normally eludes the Hawks in their big games.
With less than fifteen seconds left, Dallas Quarterback, Drew Bledsoe attempted a pass downfield only to find it end up in the hands of Seahawks Defensive Back Jordan Babineaux. Babineaux ran downfield to the 30 yard line and went out of bounds with 5 seconds left in the game. Seahawks Head Coach summoned Kicker Josh Brown for his second attempt of the game, already completing a 55 yard field goal earlier on. Brown, with the rain pouring in Seattle punched it through the uprights 50 yards away and threw his helmet up in ecstasy.
Finally it’s happened to Seattle, finally its our turn. While no one should be fitting their fingers for championship rings anytime soon, the Seahawks are looking ready to make a run through the rest of the season and an easy schedule.

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